Validate Round Scores

Have each archer confirm their score by tapping their validation button. Validation locks further changes except by authorized event personnel.
MobileScore Start
If you cannot find your event, it means the administrator has not activated MobileScore for your event
If you ever need to re-access this panel, use the Group button at the bottom of the main screen.
MobileScore Help
The MobileScore App needs to be connected to the Internet via Wifi or your mobile data provider in order to work. Basic instructions are included below.


    Although the app can "wake up" and restore itself if your device goes into sleep mode, we strongly recommend that you turn your device's "sleep" mode off during scoring. If your device goes to sleep and you return to the app but nothing refreshes, you may need to tap the refresh icon atop the screen.
    In certain device browsers, you can maximize the size of your viewing area by tapping the browser's icon to add the app to your home screen. When you do that, close your browser and relaunch the app by tapping on the new icon.

Bottom Buttons

    Tapping the START button in the footer will let you set the event, class, round and target/end.

    Tapping the GROUP icon will open the list of archers to complete your scoring group. If the event host requires validation of scores, you will see a VALIDATE button at the bottom as well. More on validation below.

    Atop the screen is a refresh button in case your phone has gone to sleep. The scoring app is best utilized in VERTICAL mode, although it will work on larger devices in either mode.


    ONLY the scorekeeper for a round may enter scores.

  1. After setting up the end/target and your scoring group, either tap the archer form whom you wish to enter scores (their initials are in the row of boxes at the very top of the scoring screen) or just begin scoring (the system will default to the first archer in the list.
  2. When you are ready, tap the FIRST shot box and the score entry panel will slide up. AS YOU ENTER SCORES, THE SYSTEM WILL AUTOMATICALLY ADVANCE THE SHOT MARKER enabling you to easily tap in shots for each archer.
  3. Once you have completed entering all of the shots for an end/target, the system will automatically advance you to the next end/target, even if you have started in the middle of the numbering sequence (e.g. target 6 of 12). When you have completed a round, the system will prompt you to validate your scores (if the host has enabled that feature).


    In the VALIDATE panel, you will see a button for each contestant. Validate ONLY AFTER THE ENTIRE ROUND IS COMPLETE.

    If you have issues with scores AFTER validation, advise the tournament director.
MobileScore 2.0
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